Dina Kamal's jewellery is precious armour for the body

Dina Kamal's precious jewellery collection is drawn from a fighting spirit

Dina Kamal gold ring on gold background
Square Webbed Mid ring with round-cut diamond, £7,820, by Dina Kamal
(Image credit: Neil Godwin at Future Studios for Wallpaper*)

Jewellery designer Dina Kamal is driven by a desire for architectural forms in her creations, which see her draw curves in 18ct gold, punctuate broken loops with diamonds, and sink pearls into puffed quilts of beige gold. 

Kamal prefers to work in 18ct beige gold, otherwise known as raw white gold. ‘It’s 18ct gold without copper, the true white gold,’ she says, remarking that its understated sheen makes it an elegant foil for the diamonds. For Kamal, jewellery is armour, and she draws on a wealth of historical and cultural references to create her offbeat pieces. 

Here, a grid of brushed beige gold dotted with diamonds conforms to her cornerstones of proportion, structure and beauty, while imbuing the traditional ring with a precious power all its own. 


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