Hilton London Bankside — London, UK

A room in the Hilton London Bankside UK. Spacious room in gray, beige, and orange tones. Large bed with a tall headboard in a combination of wood and leather. To the left, there is a large window, with a couch and a chair in front of it.
(Image credit: Jack Hardy)

Ever since the Tate Modern opened in 2000, the surrounding Bankside area has transformed from a derelict backwater into a dynamic arts-led neighbourhood with a plethora of creative studios and offices following in its wake.

The flurry of activity didn’t escape the Hilton hotel group’s attention, which has opened its newest 292-room luxury property a short stroll from the River Thames and Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.

While the penthouse apartment with its private roof terrace and entertainment area will grab the headlines, we’re equally appreciative of the finely balanced design, a collaboration between local firms Dexter Moren architects (responsible for London’s Shangri-La hotel) and Twenty2Degrees. Exposed metal screens, bare brick work and reprocessed tube station tiles nod to the area’s industrial past, while custom murals and artworks bring the hotel up to date with the current mood.

A relaxed brasserie offers all-day dining, and the bar (located on the site of a former 19th century essence factory) pays homage to its heritage with homemade aromatics and infusions adding a touch of authenticity to its signature cocktails and enormous selection of gins.

A restaurant in the Hilton London Bankside UK. White and brown marble tables, with deep blue, black, and light beige leather seating. There is a skyline on the ceiling with light fixtures hanging.

(Image credit: Jack Hardy)

A common in the Hilton London Bankside UK. Elevators are to the left side, with a gray and yellow sitting area in the center. The floor is gray, with a yellow carpet.

(Image credit: Jack Hardy)

A restaurant in the Hilton London Bankside hotel. White marble tables, with black & orange-brown leather chairs. Wooden beams are used as a feature. On the walls, there is graffiti. The carpet is blue and yellow.

(Image credit: Jack Hardy)

A bar in the Hilton London Bankside hotel. rounded marble tables, with white leather chairs, are scattered throughout. There are brown and olive green leather couches that serve as seating as well. To the far side, we see a bar with a shelf full of drinks above it. Light fixtures are hanging from an opening, which leads to the second floor.

(Image credit: Jack Hardy)


2-8 Suffolk Street