Small wooden white tables and stool seating area
(Image credit: TBC)

Who would have thought the raw-food movement could whet the appetites of meat-and-two-veg Londoners with a menu that eschews anything cooked in more than 42 degrees? The concept simply doesn't sound like fun. But introduce stellar ingredients and a contemporary space at the Royal Academy and suddenly everybody's nibbling. Shipped over from Copenhagen, the 42 Raw concept was developed back in 2009 by Jesper Rydahl, who has crafted a surprisingly exciting lineup here - despite it being 100 percent plant based. Squash lasagne is cooked in tomato sauce with walnuts, parsley pesto, cashews and baby spinach. Breakfast müesli is served with homemade almond milk. It gets better: the dessert cart includes the healthiest of all chocolate cakes, made with cashews, dates and cacao butter.


The Royal Academy
6 Burlington Gardens