Located on the shores of the Black Sea, the former Soviet port town of Novorossiysk isn’t the most obvious candidate for a slick destination restaurant. However, Spanish studio Ample have fashioned a space on the city’s busy waterfront into a contemporary wine bar and grill infusing elements of Catalan modernism with references to the town’s industrial heritage. Dark metallic shelving and tough surfaces of iron and concrete are infused with warm natural textures like wood and vintage leather, while furniture and ornaments gathered from Barcelona and Lisbon’s flea markets give the restaurant a cosy, lived-in feel. The architects’ Catalan roots also extended their involvement to the kitchen, which gives prominence to grilled vegetable, meat and seafood dishes, with the occasional nod to the local cuisine of the Caucasus region. The latter’s growing reputation as a centre for viniculture is reflected in an impressive wine list, that conspires with a roaring fire to fend off even the coldest of nights.