Gaia arrives in London with quintessential Greek-Mediterranean flair and flavour

The new Gaia restaurant creates ‘a home away from home for Londoners’, say founders Evgeny Kuzin and Izu Ani

gaia restaurant london evgeny kuzin chef izu ani
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The opening of a new outpost of Gaia, the celebrated Greek-Mediterranean restaurant, in Mayfair, London, brings the feel of a seaside escape to the heart of the city. Gaia, with locations in Dubai, Monte-Carlo, and Doha, has gained popularity due to its emphasis on craft and simplicity through exquisite dishes and serene interiors.

The restaurant’s kitchen offers a dining experience characterised by the use of fresh ingredients and a love for shared food, conceptualised by Evgeny Kuzin and chef Izu Ani, prominent hospitality entrepreneurs in the UAE.

Gaia restaurant brings Greek flair to London

gaia restaurant interior, with objects lining shelves in window and art on wall

Gaia Library

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‘We first opened five years ago, and have built a strong foundation across three beautiful [locations], Dubai, Doha and Monaco. In London, we aim to ensure the essence of Gaia remains as authentic as it was when it first opened, as it becomes embedded within the local community,’ says Ani.

Kuzin notes that the purpose of debuting Gaia in London lies in ‘creating a home away from home for Londoners and introducing the city to the way we love to create lifestyle concepts.’ 

He adds, ‘Our philosophy is one of culture and cuisine. We focus on food, on simple, honest and humble ingredients that come together to create joy. In the kitchen, we cook to create happiness, to bring a calm and pure moment of pleasure to everyone who enters.’

dining table at gaia restaurant london

Main dining area

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Following the Mediterranean tradition of gathering with friends and family to indulge in a leisurely dinner, the restaurant features a variety of sharing plates, freshly prepared. The mezze dishes, an assortment of typical Greek dips such as taramosalata, smoked cod roe, and melitzanosalata, are served with freshly baked pita bread warmed in the restaurant’s wooden oven.

laid tables at gaia restaurant london

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detail of stairs from above


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The menu also offers an array of larger dishes that are best shared. The highlights include kritharaki, a seafood orzo with a heady tomato sauce mixed with freshly caught calamari, prawns, and clams. Another popular dish is the traditional gemista, stuffed peppers with rice herbs and feta cheese. With the assistance of Gaia’s knowledgeable team, guests can also select fish from the counter, where a variety of freshly caught produce is displayed.

prawn dish on white plate

Woodoven prawns

(Image credit: Gaia)

fish dish on white plate

Seabream carpaccio

(Image credit: Gaia)

fish on ice at gaia restaurant london

Fish on display

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For dessert, diners can choose from a variety of options, including pagoto giourti, frozen Greek yogurt topped with chopped nuts and a drizzle of honey; ravani, coconut sponge cake served with cream; and loukoumades, fried Greek doughnuts with honey, cinnamon, and caramelised walnuts. Although the preparation time is 15 minutes, rest assured, it is worth the wait.

dessert on white dish

Pagoto giourti, frozen Greek yogurt topped with chopped nuts and a drizzle of honey

(Image credit: Gaia)

Available for a pre-drink or a post-dinner nightcap, the restaurant’s bar features cocktails inspired by the earth, sun, mountains, and sea, and includes Theo, a warm blend of olive oil-infused tequila, basil, bergamot, and mastika, and Talos, a herbaceous cocktail of orange gin, beetroot, and dry fig. For wine lovers, a specialised sommelier is available at any time advise on the best pairing from Gaia’s vintage wine cellar.

bar at gaia restaurant London

Bar area

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bar table inside gaia london restaurant

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Greek culture is reflected throughout the interiors at Gaia, named after the Greek Goddess of Earth, courtesy of the award-winning studio First Within. Details include a pale colour palette, domed arches, Hellenistic statues framed by limestone walls, and azure blue furnishings

decorative objects on shelves

Library detail

(Image credit: Gaia)

wall light

Lighting detail

(Image credit: Gaia)

framed images on marble surface

(Image credit: Gaia)

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