Inside Cunard’s Queen Anne Britannia Restaurant, designed by David Collins Studio

Cunard’s Queen Anne, the new luxury cruise ship, introduces its state-of-the-art Britannia Restaurant designed by David Collins Studio

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(Image credit: Courtesy of Cunard)

Cunard’s Queen Anne is the latest jewel from the British luxury cruise legacy brand – its first cruise ship in almost 15 years and the 249th historically. At the heart of the grand vessel lies the Britannia Restaurant, a 2,005 sq m space designed by David Collins Studio.

Cunard’s Queen Anne David Collins Studio-designed Britannia Restaurant

Open to all guests and the primary dining venue on board, the Britannia Restaurant is an impressive two-tiered space. London-based David Collins Studio faced the challenging task of visualising a setting that could accommodate 1,086 covers. Lewis Taylor, design director at the studio, notes: ‘The combination of exceptional cuisine, attentive service, and stunning ambience makes Britannia a highlight of Queen Anne’s onboard experience, and open to everyone.’

Overview of Cunard’s Queen Anne Britannia Restaurant. A round table stands against a blue carpet and a golden column

(Image credit: Courtesy of Cunard)

An overarching Greek mythology theme wraps the interiors, which see four dramatic murals by illustrator John Biggs depicting the historic frieze of the Anemoi wind gods, who represent the four seasons. David Collins Studio discovered this symbology during a visit to Cunard’s archive, specifically in the maritime heritage of Cunard’s Queen Mary cruise line.

’We attributed suitable colours to each Greek wind myth to inform the restaurant’s colour palette. Boreas, the north wind, is represented by winter blue; Notus, the south wind, is represented by oranges; Eurus, the east wind, is represented by yellow sunshine and Zephyrus, the west wind, is represented by spring rains/green. The overall design strives to celebrate the movement of the wind and the patterns created on the sea.

Overview of Cunard’s Queen Anne Britannia Restaurant. Three round tables stand against a blue carpet and a golden column

(Image credit: Courtesy of Cunard)

A round table with four blue chairs, a white table cloth and premium crockery

(Image credit: Courtesy of Cunard)

The main space is dominated by two central columns that rise to a double height, adorned with bronze fins and starburst patterns, nodding to a ship’s wheel. Meanwhile, the dining room’s upper-level edges and columns are coated in faceted mirrors with integrated lighting. The carpet follows through on the design concept by presenting a subtle yet kaleidoscopic interpretation of air currents.

For the Britannia Restaurant’s art collection, David Collins Studio worked closely with Double Decker, a London-based curating studio that specialises in tailoring art collections for the hospitality industry. A standout among the hand-picked pieces is the 6m, floor-to-ceiling lighting sculpture by the staircase.

An abstract-looking golden chandelier with rectangle-shaped light-bulbs

(Image credit: Courtesy of Cunard)

Wilhelm Finger and Melita Skamnaki, founders of Double Decker, also highlight a mixed-media artwork by German artist Mevlana Lipp as another favourite. It captures natural details to symbolise human emotions and experiences beyond the limitations of the conscious mind, they explain. ‘We were inspired by Lipp’s abstract work to spotlight the incredible richness of life under the sea, perfectly elevating Britannia’s elegant and timeless interior scheme,’ they add.

Cunard’s Queen Anne will begin its maiden voyage on 3 May 2024,

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