Hotel bedroom with green ombre curtains, wooden furniture and white and green bedding
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There is no shortage of four-star properties near the Champs-Élysées, but the newly opened Le Marianne aims to bring something a little different – a fresher, cosier look – to the Parisian luxury hotel table. Remodelled by architect Vincent Bastie and interior designer Charles Zana, its Haussmannian building now boasts crisp interiors and delightful bedrooms with brass light fixtures, mustard yellow and petrol blue accents, dipped-died curtains and geometric headboards. A giant chandelier by Johanna Grawunder and marble reception desk impress in the entrance hall, while the quiet, tree-filled patio and welcoming reading room are more subdued affairs.

Hotel bedroom with striped headboard, grey ombre curtain and wooden furniture

(Image credit: TBC)

Hotel dining room with green bench seating, black table and chairs

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11 rue Paul Baudry


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