From a distance, the latest design hotel to hit Belgian shores could be little more than a rennovated 19th century windmill and farmhouse. Step a little closer however and things come a little clearer. The d-hotel, from Belgian architect Govaert en Vanhoutte, is an immaculate synthesis of traditional culture with contemporary design.


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The farmhouse portion of the project has indeed been renovated to contain the ample wellness centre, lounge, bar and breakfast area but it is the guestrooms, set within several unrefined concrete volumes lying-low adjacent to the windmill that caught our eye.
Glass-fronted and achingly industrial, the volumes contain 34 guestrooms and eleven suites, each of which has been given the distinctive mark of a renowned name in Belgian creativity.
The fashion suite, for instance, comes courtesy of Belgian couturier Natan; the diamond suite from Belgian-Italian jeweler Hulchi Belluni; whilst the Movie suite comes from writer, actor and director Jan Verheven.
Despite the various embellishments and additions, the guestrooms all boil down to simple, creamy, clean-lined luxury, dramatically offset by the ascetic exterior – a theme held consistently throughout this weird and wonderful hotel.