Back in the 1950s, high fidelity was symbolised by sleek teak and mahogany cabinets that aped the carefully crafted curves of the era’s best furniture pieces.

Audio design died a little when we switched to identikit boxes of matte black and chrome, and streaming sound reduced hi-fi to little more than a standalone speaker. Belgian music agency Digizik is seeking to reverse this with its new Søbel brand.

Conjured up after a decade of observing online and offline music trends, Søbel blends retro-nostalgia with 21st century streaming sound, splicing vintage pieces with modern technology. Its debut product, the ‘Ella’ cabinet, showcases its approach, taking a classic Grundig Stereo Console cabinet and transforming it into a hub containing NAD and B&W components and docking facilities for every conceivable device.

As originally featured in the March 2016 issue of Wallpaper* (W*204)