With CD sales on sharp decline, it was only a matter of time before a high-end option became available. Increasingly, artists are beginning to offer music as studio-quality digital streams. These convenient downloads eliminate any previous sound compression, allowing for a fully expansive sound just as the musicians were performing before you.
As a hi-fi company, Linn has a long-standing reputation for providing pitch-perfect sound reproduction. Ever innovating, their introduction of digital stream players into the market looks set to revolutionise the industry just as they did with the revered Sondek LP12 record deck in 1972.
The imminent release of their Cara software ensures increased functionality – enabling users to flick though albums as you would Internet pages in a web browser and create drag-and-drop playlists. As a consumer parallel, witness the swing from small digital cameras to high resolution SLRs. If the iPod is the standard for portability, then Linn’s Klimax DS may be the future of leisure technology in the home.