Handmade 2017: the sketchbook

Handmade 2017: the sketchbook

Wallpaper* Handmade is packed with strokes of genius. A design happens in the act of sketching and modelling, a thinking out loud, a reverse engineering. For Handmade, built on new and sometimes unlikely creative partnerships, these workings-out carry an extra charge. Here is a selection of Handmade 2017’s most revealing prep and plotting...

‘Sacred Space’ pavilion
Francesco Librizzi and De Castelli

Painted stainless steel arches over a sacred space for housing precious objects, defining the space it hovers over as hallowed (hollowed-out) ground.

Giacomo Moor and Emmemobili

The Tabernacle is the ornate cabinet in which the Eucharist is stored in Christian churches. ‘Tabernacle comes from the Latin word taberna, meaning abode,’ Giacomo Moor explains. Rendered in Emmemobili’s intricate woodwork techniques, the L-shaped doors open to reveal a clever, totemic storage solution.

Michaelis Boyd and The Crucible Foundry

Rough and smooth edges finish off this tactile candle holder and match-stick dispenser, as the banal moment of lighting a match is transformed into a divine experience.

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