After six months in its prime, city-centre location, Seoul’s Prada Transformer this month ends its Korean tenure with an exhibition of art and design from creative, city-based students.

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Entitled the ‘Student Takeover’, the exhibition has called upon the talents of 130 students from ten prestigious Korean Universities to come up with work to fill the transformer’s latest guise.
Featuring work from across 13 disciplines – ranging from architecture and fashion, to film, fine art and graphics - the exhibition took place today, following the transformer’s final spin on 29th September.
Following on from the fashion exhibition, film festival and fine art installation which sat in situ for the past three transformations, the students used the transformer as a studio for the two weeks prior to the exhibition, painting, wallpapering and graffiti-ing the entirety of the interior space.
Alongside their artistic offerings, they were also commissioned to readdress every aspect of the Transformer’s graphic identity, with a range of flyers, pins and t-shirts, which were dolled-out for free throughout the day.
Taking shape on the circular floor of the transformer’s multi-faceted physique, the final excursion featured a panel discussion tackling issues regarding the future of the creative industry, a cutting-edge dance performance, and a party for everyone involved in the final show – a fitting finish for one of Prada’s most exhilarating projects to date.