Explain the idea behind the film installation to someone who hasn’t seen it?
With ‘Stolen Glances’, my idea was to convey my absolute passion for shoes - to define the sensuality and accentuate the femininity of the female silhouette, renewing the presentation of shoes ‘in motion’. Sounds of footsteps, music and words were projected from Benjamin Collier’s sound installation, and everything was cocooned in the ephemeral world of our Milanese showroom

How did the project come about?
My real moment of inspiration came at a coffee table on the Palermo Promenade. Oh, and also from a performance by Les Caryatides dance company. The installation is ultimately an artistic collaboration between the dance company and myself

Where was the film premiered and to whom?
‘Stolen Glances’ was premiered at our Autumn Winter 09/10 collection presentation during Milan Fashion Week

What has been people’s reaction when seeing the film?
The reaction has been poetic and intimate; people were quite amazed to see the shoes move as objects around the room - transported onto the legs of the actresses. It was an emotive and interactive experience for all those involved

What experience do you have in making films prior to the film installation project?
It was my first collaborative film project and it will certainly not be my last

There’s some extreme footwear experimentation in the new collection, any that were rejected for just being too extreme?
No, it was very surprising for people to see the anti gravity heels and the new spiral heel. The spiral is produced in stainless steel, heated to 1200 degrees, and finished in a layer of rhinestones. People were enchanted by the extremity of design and fascinated by its timeless quality. The essence of Sergio Rossi has always been about combining seduction with functionality

Are there plans for Sergio Rossi to use film again in the future?
Maybe, I’m very interested in giving life to the product as that is my goal. Everything I produce is designed to be worn. It’s still undecided whether we will use film or perhaps other art forms in the future…

The films are a slight departure in style for Sergio Rossi. Was this intentional?
It was intentional for the winter collection as the collection was concerned with radicalism - about the study of proportion, heel and form. It is a very pure collection and it is important for me to see them worn

Who, what or where is your greatest source of inspiration?
Everywhere; a book, painting or just seeing a disregarded shoe thrown into a corner

Tell us something surprising about Sergio Rossi?
That the spiral heel actually works and is comfortable..!