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We caught up with Bruno Pavlovsky, Chanel’s Président des Activités Mode (president of Chanel's fashion activities) to discuss the new Metiers d'Arts collection at London's Dover Street Market.

Where is the Metiers d'Arts collection normally sold?

This highly luxurious collection bearing the Chanel ready-to-wear label is normally sold exclusively in Chanel boutiques and select department stores. Composed of exceptional pieces, this collection showcases the workmanship of the ‘Métiers d’Art’ such as the costume jewellery house Desrues, the feather dresser Lemarié, the embroiderer Lesage, the shoemaker Massaro and the milliner Michel. It is dedicated to our faithful customers, who have everything.

Does the distribution change when the collection is shown in a particular place?

No it doesn’t, each Metiers D’Arts Collection is sold in every Chanel boutique and select department stores worldwide.

How many pieces are there in the collection?

It depends on each collection, but Paris-Londres has 64 looks.

How many pieces will be available in Dover Street Market?

It will be an edited selection from the collection, one that is appropriate for Dover Street Market.

Five years ago Chanel was sold for a limited time in Colette. Tell me about that.

In 2003, 20 numbered black jackets with white braiding created by Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel, were sold as a limited edition for a week in Colette. Afterwards, 80 more jackets were sold in three of the Chanel boutiques in Paris (at rue Cambon, avenue Montaigne, and Faubourg Saint-Honoré).

Have there been other times when Chanel was sold outside of Chanel Boutiques and Chanel boutiques in department stores?

Usually no.

So what is it about Dover Street Market that interests Chanel?

It is a very interesting concept, and has a very good selection of luxury brands.

Will the regular Chanel display team be doing the display or have you brought in special people for the project?

A special display has been created by the Paris image department.

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