Wallpaper’s intrepid fashion reporters have hit the grey ground in Milan
running. Watch this space for the dish that has made our day.


1. Sergio Rossi’s metal plate body moulds, inspired by the work of French
sculptors Claude and François-Xavier Lalanne. Best of all the stomach plate
that is guaranteed to give us the gold metal six-pack we always wanted.
2. Anna Dello Russo’s giant cherry hat (bought from Alain Journo in Via
della Spiga), which she wore with a black and white printed YSL dress. A
3. It would’ve been easy to be seduced by the A list VIPS at the
double-weight Vogue (both US and Italy) party, but we couldn’t take our eyes
off of the sculptural headgear created by the young milliner Zara Gorman.
4. The coffee at Marchesi
5. Gucci giving up the 1990s plexiglass invitations (finally) and going for
a smooth, chocolately brown paper that mimics their chic, FSC certified,
eco-friendly store packaging.