We’re always partial to the odd creative collaboration, but to really grab our attention it needs to be something rather special. As such, when we first heard of the latest partnership between New York-based street artist MOMO and Yohji Yamamoto’s super-luxe label Y-3, it took little convincing to get us on side.

With an original brief to create a floor installation for Y-3’s Autumn Winter 2010 presentation in New York, MOMO - best known for his conceptual, high-colour collages and urban intervention projects - coated the 5,000 square feet space with his angular, multi-chromatic patterns.

Despite sounding, at first, like a somewhat straightforward catwalk collaboration, MOMO took his cue from the original brief to produce a range of limited edition clothes, designed specifically for the 2010 presentation.

Working from the ground up in an equally innovative style and employing a heady range of high energy artistic approaches, MOMO’s collection of 13 geometrically influenced pieces includes women’s blazers, men’s trousers and everything between.

Alongside his sartorial offerings, MOMO has also produced three limited edition pairs of iconic Y-3 Hayworth high-sneakers. Painting his distinctly vivid designs onto three separate cowhides, the pelts were cut arbitrarily to form random patterns - resulting in a selection of entirely unique shoes - the ultimate in low-fi bespoke luxury. Available in a super-limited run of a mere 350, the sneakers are on sale now in a smattering of Y-3 stores worldwide.