What do you do?
I'm an event PR, Editor-in-chief of Rodeo Magazine, founder of Pink is Punk The Party, DJ and in September I will launch a new magazine called The Scene.
Where are you based?
Milan, Ticinese area.
How many seasons have you attended?
I don't remember about 8?
What’s your most memorable moment?
Riccardo Tisci's first collection, presented under his own name here in Milan, when I was doing his PR. And then his first haute couture Givenchy show in Paris.
What’s the best thing about a fashion week?
The best thing is that Milan gets busy and you see so many friends coming from all over the world. And the Jak & Jil blog, by Tommy Ton.
And the worst?
The worst thing is that you see so many wrong people around, the worst side of fashion - old ladies waiting for their gifts from the designers.
What do you look for whilst there?
Inspiration, new energy, new clients.
Is there anything you avoid?
I try to do not waste my time and only go and see what I think is interesting. I don't go everywhere just because then it wouldn't mean anything.
How do you remember what you see?
I'm constantly taking pictures with my iPhone or even better with my camera. But mostly I revisit the shows again later on the net.
What’s the single best tip you can pass on for getting through it?
Never sleep, just keep going!