Established back in 1986 with a single cricket-shoe inspired sneaker to its name, multi-faceted Italian clothing brand, Hogan, boasts an illustrious history of creative collaboration.
Recognised across the fashion world for its uncluttered creative approach and unique, low-fi aesthetic - Hogan has this year launched one of its most experimental projects to date.
Artribe – Hogan’s latest, street-art inspired venture - was established back in July with a graffiti sprayed event in Milan’s Pidaglione D’Arte Contemporanea. It was here that Hogan began its enduring creative journey with the New York City-based, self-titled ‘muralists’, Tats Cru – who, for the most recent portion of the Artribe outing, have adapted their collective spraying skills to a series of Hogan sneakers.
Setting out with a view to combine the cream of the wall-based art world with their distinctive design agenda, Hogan commissioned Tats Cru to leave their mark upon a selection of pristine white, leather lace-ups - transforming Hogan’s sartorial staple into a high-style objet d’art with an urban edge.
With a view to ‘validate graffiti as a legitimate art form’, Tats Cru have adorned ten pairs of Hogan’s sneakers with a series of flame throwing patterns, New York City skylines and a whole host of high-colour embellishments.
Ever on the inside track, Wallpaper* were first in line to learn more about Hogan’s innovative project – and when we heard about the exclusive online auction planned for Hogan’s prestigious pairs of sneakers, we thought it only fair to share the news.
Going live on the online platform of choice,eBay , from the 10th of December for 6 days only - the auction will give fast fingered sneaker enthusiasts the opportunity to buy one of ten pairs of 'Olympia', from Hogan’s artistically-inspired Artribe collection.
With all proceeds from the auction going to DOCVA – a charity which has long advocated artistic research around the world - Artribe is not only a project truly worth it’s creative salt, it’s a philanthropic one to boot.