Garbstore founder Ian Paley is something of a casual clothing legend. A glance through Phil Thorton’s Casuals (a book detailing the rise of fashion cult on the football terraces) reinforces the status, as well as sets a tone for the type of garments produced by the brand. Paley’s clothes are created with an uncanny eye for detail. Hidden pockets, expertly chosen zippers and brasses, the perfect fabric. ’Unfamiliar Vintage’ is the tag line, describing both aesthetic and process.

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For autumn and winter 2009, Garbstore’s collection continues to pull from work and sportswear. Simply composed knit sweatshirts are among the many highlights, playing well with strong shirting, denim and outerwear offerings. All are designed with full understanding of past style and manufacture, but with a unique eye to tailoring that knowledge to contemporary needs.
Coinciding with the launch of the collection, Garbstore will also roll out The Unfamiliar Vintage Project. Paley and photographer Tom Craig, with actor Thom Browne, produced a series of six photography books based on the autumn/Winter 2009 collection shoot. Each features hand laid polaroid style prints, and is hand annotated by the creators. They’ve used vintage Chinese stick page photo albums, another nod to the historic documents that inspires contemporary creation. A pair will land in Tokyo, a second pair will be offered in LA, and the third at Portobello Road. Each is reasonably priced (around a quid), and if found and returned, the buyer will be richly rewarded.
Nick Shonberger