The 'Made In China' label might not always have the best of connotations, but the recently China-based fashion brand, ffiXXed, are on course to change that.
Helmed by Aussies Kain Picken and Fiona Lau, the two-year old label has gained an international following with its multifunctional everyday wear for both sexes. The company recently moved to Shenzhen, having previously operated from studio spaces in Berlin, New York and Hong Kong. Picken and Lau were keen to pursue their sustainable ideals into mainland Chinaa.
'For us, it's less about using organic cotton or fair trade practices, but more about the everyday social, cultural and economic contexts of everybody involved with Ffixxed. We think a lot about the entire process, from design to production to distribution, and wanted to establish an integrated living and working space here in Shenzhen.'
The relocation has in turned influenced the pair's ethos and collections are now focused on 'trans-functional' pieces, like tailored separates with detachable scarves and visors, that travel well and resonate all over the world. With such inhabitants, and a slew of designer skyscrapers, a new airport and several museums on the horizon, Shezhen's makeover is certainly in full swing.