Prada A/W 2015

Mrs Prada's reinvents the house's signature black nylon for her industrial tailoring

Prada A/W 2015 3 Models, all black
(Image credit: Jason Lloyd-Evans)

Best in show: Following Prada's show invitation, which was cut from a crisp sheet of black taffeta fabric, it wasn't surprising that much of the best looks in this collection came from the same inky hued fabric. The haute silk material brought a touch of feminine glam to highly masculine tailored pieces, including cropped peacoats, short-sleeved shirts and uber-pressed jackets.

Finishing touches: Clunky, orthopedic footwear has, by now, become a Prada signature. Mrs Prada took the fascination to new heights with lace-up boots and shoes that were clamped into plastic vices with jaw-like soles.

Scene setting: The company's Milan HQ was once again transformed by AMO into a series of caged cells wrapped in black marble paper and silver metal grating. Entitled 'Infinite Palace', the maze of metal rooms created a menacing, yet totally intriguing vibe.

Photography: Jason Lloyd-Evans

Prada A/W 20154 Models, black and navy

(Image credit: Jason Lloyd-Evans)

Prada A/W 2015 3 Models, black and tan

(Image credit: Jason Lloyd-Evans)

Prada A/W 2015 2 Models, black and tan

(Image credit: Jason Lloyd-Evans)

Prada A/W 2015 Models, black with navy

(Image credit: Jason Lloyd-Evans)

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