Twenty years have passed since Christian Louboutin debuted his first blood-red sole, forever altering the orbit of the Blahnik-centric fashion world. In the interim, the Parisian designer - who apprenticed with Charles Jourdan in the 1980s - has proven to be more than just a master cobbler, as his new biography by Rizzoli bears testament.
The 304 page tome isn't just a shoe-fest. It also features photos of his stylish homes in Paris and Egypt, his expanding legion of boutiques and his collaboration with the filmmaker (and former Wallpaper* guest editor) David Lynch - namely their 2007 gallery exhibition 'Fetish', for which Louboutin designed his most surreal (and unwearable) works of art.
As the equally surreal cover suggests, Louboutin is a veritable Renaissance man, which might explain why the polymath actor John Malkovich was moved to compose the book's foreward. Thereafter, author Eric Reinhardt covers Louboutin's remarkable career and images by the fine-art photographer Philippe Garcia portray his muses Dita von Teese, his sister Farida Khelfa and the pop singer Mika modelling some of the designer's finest.