Rodarte’s A/W 2015 collection harked back to the days of disco - as models swayed down the catwalk dripping in crystal and lace to the sounds of the Bee Gees - but the Mulleavy sisters cited migrating birds as their inspiration.

The duo returned to a fluorescent tube-lit floor plan that forged a flight path through heaps of hoarded material. This theme of avian migration - from city to country, to be exact - was evidenced by Bureau Betak’s set design, which transformed the industrial loft space at New York’s Center 548 into a colourful nest with an amassment of foliage and building materials denoting a post-apocalyptic overgrown ruin. Rows of elevated benches encircled the parameter of the hatching show space.

The contrast of engineered and organic matter dutifully represented a departure from the machine-made harshness of the city to the bucolic nature of the country.