‘With the fashion show a dream comes true,’ says Stefano Pilati backstage at his A/W 2016 Milan presentation, which brought the nostalgic notion of an intimate couture salon to life within the Piazza Vetra. ‘It is the first and the only time where all the pieces, silhouettes, the music, the stage, the light come together and create an intensity of emotion that must blow you away and has to leave you shocked.’

Pilati achieved this emotion by emphasising the notion of intimacy, showcasing his autumn/winter collection in the round; the catwalk itself a narrow carpeted trail circling two half moon chair configurations, while the perimeter was surrounded by concertina faceted mirrored panels reinforcing the designer’s notion of a private haute couture show. Fluffy banquet chairs, complete with their own individual seat backs – and no doubt for the comfort of the house’s salon clients – were similarly on point,  just as each of Pilati’s models sported look numbers, either pinned to their jacket lapels or accoutrements, again rekindling the romance of the salon show of yesteryear.