Following the 'Bally Love' launch of a capsule collection of graphic accessories with Swiss artist Philippe Decrauzat at DesignMiami/, Bally moved celebrations to Rome last week, taking the theme of optical illusions and contemporary art out of the collection and right into the kitchen.
Roping in Michelin-star chef Andrea Fusco and the wonderfully wacky all-girl food team known as Arabeschi di Latte, the Swiss leather goods company struck the balance between contemporary art, fashion and inventive dining, delivering an evening of festive delicious fun.
Creative Directors Graeme Fidler and Michael Herz kept their 73 guests guessing from the moment they entered Rome's Auditorium Conciliazione and were each asked to fish a out red plexiglass numbered necklace from a giant glass bowl.
The random seating assignment, which led to Roman princes being sandwiched between lucky personal assistants and local jewellery designers, fit in perfectly with the evening's quirky touches, such as individual butlers wearing aprons announcing the words 'I am here for you', and inventive dishes that revealed messages as diners finished food off their plates.
Best of all, the minimal yet warm table design dusted veritable charm over Bally's classic, hand-crafted cool.