As home to elusive international brands that can't be found anywhere in China (or Hong Kong or Taiwan for that matter), it's easy to see why Aegis is regarded as somewhat of a Mecca for style mavens in Shanghai.
More to the point, the recently opened menswear store provides a fix for the city's creative industry, where a demand for re-conceptualised and contemporary clothing runs as high as the growing pace of the Chinese economy.
With its modern interiors and art-deco furniture, the clean lines of the store lend well to the house style of clothing, which predominantly ranges from fashion-forward pieces to casual-luxe. The store mainly carries international brands, but currently stocks one homegrown gem - Flying Scissors, maker of fine leather bags, inspired by China's growing indie rock scene.
Despite being a relatively new venture, Aegis' founding partners Winston Chow and Deager Kao want it to be a revolutionary force in the Chinese fashion retail market, offering a one-stop shop with a wide range of price points and eventually in their words, establishing 'democratic fashion' for all.