New Harrods restaurant opens with world-renowned chef Björn Frantzén

Neo-Nordic cuisine is infused with Asian flavour at new Harrods restaurant Frantzén Studio

New Harrods restaurant Studio Frantzén interiors
(Image credit: Harrods)

Two icons have come together with the opening of new Harrods restaurant Studio Frantzén, by world-renowned chef Björn Frantzén. The restaurant, rooftop terrace and bar will serve neo-Nordic cuisine infused with Asian influences across two floors with 112 seats. 

Aerial view of interiors of Harrods restaurant Studio Frantzén

(Image credit: Joe Howard)

It marks the first UK restaurant from Björn Frantzén who has six Michelin stars across a growing empire of restaurants in Stockholm and Asia, including his eponymous Stockholm restaurant, Frantzén, which is widely considered one of the best in the world. 

The menu at the new Studio Frantzén restaurant will be a celebration of Swedish and Asian flavours with a special focus on smoking and preserving (popular techniques in Nordic cuisine) and grilled dishes using an open fire. Particular highlights include tartare of tuna and red deer to start; and vendace roe with white kombu, wasabi-infused cultured cream, fermented Mirabelle plum and warm ginger butter. 

Lobster dish on table at Harrods restaurant Studio Frantzén

(Image credit: Joe Howard)

From the mains, we recommend trying the veal minute ‘ma-la’ made with fermented kampot pepper jus, Sichuan pepper oil, crispy shiso salad with ceps aioli and sake-braised maitake; salmon from the Faroe Islands with finger lime, sea buckthorn, kosho and beurre blanc; and braised Swedish dairy cow beef brisket (salted, preserved, braised and cooked for eight hours) served alongside grilled Japanese wagyu with lemongrass jus and Japanese mustard.

For dessert, finish off with a lingonberry marshmallow ‘soft-serve’ sorbet with semi-dried lingonberries and blueberries, black currant syrup and liquorice meringue. 

Tofu dish dish on table at Harrods restaurant Studio Frantzén

(Image credit: Joe Howard)

Speaking about coming to London, Frantzén says: ‘The UK was my home for a long time, and the experience that I gained here early on in my career played an informative role in my education as a chef. I am overwhelmingly proud to be back in London, one of the most interesting cities in the world, to open my restaurant at Harrods.’ 

Ashley Saxton, director of restaurants and kitchens at Harrods, adds: ‘Bringing Björn Frantzén – arguably the most talked-about and decorated chef in the world now – to Harrods is an incredible coup for the business, but one that speaks for our current position as a dining destination.’

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