Industrial designer Yves Béhar founded the San Francisco-based design and brand development agency, Fuseproject in 1999. Whipping-up innovative concepts in areas ranging from technology, furniture and sports to lifestyle and fashion - Béhar takes a long term, strategic approach to design.

Some of the designer’s most memorable projects include the world’s first $100 XO laptop - which won a Wallpaper* Design Award back in 2008 (see W*107) - a recycling project for Coca Cola, and a recent partnership with Jawbone - a leading mobile phone headset company.

Béhar’s Crystal Palace contribution, ’Amplify’, consists of a series of gem-shaped paper lanterns, each of which contain one real crystal, designed to refract light against the surface of the paper. In line with his engaged design agenda, Béhar’s lanterns are produced using little more than a sheet of recyclable paper, one crystal and one low-energy consuming LED light.