If May belongs to New York Design Week and the Venice Art Biennale, June is all about Belgrade. Since its launch in 2005, Belgrade Design Week has grown into a world-class destination, drawing in top creatives from its peers to the West and Far East, but also from a great pool of local Eastern European talent. Suddenly there is no finer place for a designer to be as spring yields to summer.

The eighth annual festival begins today. But the biggest draw is the three-day innovation conference, held in the city’s Museum of Contemporary Art, the modernist landmark that closed in 2008 for renovations and has yet to reopen. Visitors can experience the 1965 structure as a VIP, and draw from a programme of stellar lecturers that include furniture designer Christophe Pillet, the experimental design practice Troika and Swedish architect Johannes Norlander.

Beginning on Thursday 6 June, the city will play host to some of the world’s most innovative designers - not to mention Serbian stars like corporate-identity practice Gigodesign. Wolff Olins principals Owen Hughes and Christopher Moody will lecture on their most influential work. And Zaha Hadid will discuss her upcoming Beko project at Belgrade’s Kalemegdan, her first project in South Eastern Europe.

If you can’t make it to the actual event, it’s possible to be there in more than spirit. Starting on 6 June at 10:00 UTC, we will co-host a live stream of the conferences over all three days on Wallpaper.com.

Due to limitations with the feed, we cannot guarantee the live stream will work on all devices. We apologise in advance if you cannot watch the talks.

Innovation Squared line-up:

Thursday 06 June

Clemens Weisshaar
Dante Goods & Bads
Oskar Zieta

Beoland / Ada Bridge
City of Belgrade / Beton Hala
Lamda / Beko
Zaha Hadid Architects / Beko
Delta RE / Crown Plaza

Daan Roosegaarde
Johannes Norlander

Friday 07 June

Paul Belford / TBWA
Davor Krvavac / AKQA
Laura Lee

Gianluigi Ricuperati / Domus Academy
Sabine Lenk / MCBW
Demetrios Fakinos / EDA
Vladimir Macura / Muzej Macura
Hans Robertus / DDW

Sebastien Noel / Troika
Owen Hughes & Chris Moody / Wolff Olins
Branko Milutinovic / Nordeus

Saturday 08 June

Virgilio Fernandez FIAT 500l
Christophe Pillet
Anderssen & Voll

Studio Dumbar
Yurko Gutsulyak
Studio FM
Designers United
Jager & Jager

Adrien Rovero
Dekleva Gregoric