Tom Dixon’s such a busy man it’s a wonder he has any time at all to have his hair cut. Since moving on from the post of Creative Director at Habitat, he’s taken his own name design label to new heights as well as assuming creative direction over Finnish design company Artek. Recently he’s flexed his interior design muscles too, at London’s Shoreditch House and the recently opened Paramount Club at the top of London’s Centre Point.
How do you have your hair done?
I have my hair done as quickly as possible – which drives Richard Stepney mad … ( he is a bit of an artist )

What fragrance do you wear? What fragrance would you buy for your partner?
This going to be a difficult one – I’m obviously not a typical wallpaper male. I don’t wear fragrance , don’t actually buy any for partners …
Soap & water vs. cleanse, tone, exfoliate? What brands do you use?
I wash with Savon de Marseilles and I don’t exfoliate !
Home fragrances – a god send or the devil’s work?
I think most of them are scary !