Tony Chambers on reworking ritual and worship for this year’s truly elevating Handmade quest

 limited-edition cover, newstand cover
Left, limited-edition cover by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec. The Bouroullecs created our special cover as part of their Handmade project, ‘The Veil’, a collaboration with embroidery masters Lesage Intérieurs. Right, newstand cover. Photography: Roger Deckker
(Image credit: Roger Deckker)

At this year’s Salone del Mobile, that most sacred of design gatherings, we called the Wallpaper* flock to the Mediateca Santa Teresa, a deconsecrated church on Via della Moscova. And there did true believers, as well as the odd agnostic, enjoy intimate communion with spirit-lifting design and craft at its most transcendent.

This issue bears witness to the divine efforts of our various dynamic design duos and hastily assembled bands of brothers and sisters. From genesis to revelation, we pull back the veil on projects from the Bouroullecs, Tom Dixon, Kostas Murkudis, Sabine Marcelis, Conrad Shawcross, Matteo Thun, Doshi Levien and a multitude more. Here are fonts and sarcophagi, tools for meditation and mindfulness, settings for blessed beginnings and suitable send-offs, devotional fixtures and fittings, and simple, elegantly austere sanctuaries for the modern soul.

‘The Portal’, by Snøhetta

‘The Portal’, by Snøhetta, Erik Jørgensen Møbelfabrik and Everything Elevated, for Wallpaper* Handmade

(Image credit: TBC)

In all, and rare, seriousness, we hope the spirit of this year’s Handmade exhibition, and this issue, is one of calm reflection and communion, entirely inclusive and strictly non-denominational. Salone and Handmade are truly global events, celebrations of cross-border collaboration and friendships forged in the creative act. They recognise that we can still at least hope to make the world, in small ways perhaps, a more civilised and lovely place to be.

Onwards and upwards!

Tony Chambers, Editor-in-Chief

As originally featured in the August 2017 issue of Wallpaper* (W*221)

'Holy Handmade!'

'Holy Handmade!' Signet-Ring Seal, by Rebus. Photography: Paul Zak

(Image credit: Paul Zak)

Ten Commandments of Science

Ten Commandments of Science, by Yves Béhar, scribed by Paul Antonio Scribe. Photography: Máté Moro

(Image credit: Máté Moro)

‘The Portal’ outside Erik Jørgensen’s HA in Pakhus 48

From left to right, Niels Jørgensen of Erik Jørgensen Møbelfabrik, Stian Alessaandro Ekkernes Rossi of Snøhetta, and Marius Myking and Martin Nichols of Everything Elevated with ‘The Portal’ outside Erik Jørgensen’s HA in Pakhus 48. Photography: Jan Søndergaard

(Image credit: Jan Søndergaard)

Riccardo Cavaciocchini in his Lecce workshop

Paper Factor founder Riccardo Cavaciocchini in his Lecce workshop, holding the Tom Dixon-designed sustainable sarcophagus. Photography: Bea De Giacomo

(Image credit: Bea De Giacomo)

volcanic altar as a celebratory centerpiece

Sabine Marcelis and Made a Mano create a volcanic altar as a celebratory centerpiece. Photography: Danilo Scarpati

(Image credit: Danilo Scarpati)

Made a Mano workshop in Naples

Blocks of lava stone outside the Made a Mano workshop in Naples, during the making of the volcanic altar. Photography: Danilo Scarpati

(Image credit: Danilo Scarpati)

designer Craig Green

Fashion designer Craig Green with his black and multicoloured ceremonial rugs. Photography: Roger Dekker

(Image credit: Roger Dekker)

Lesage Intérieurs’ workshop

At Lesage Intérieurs’ workshops in Chennai, Kvadrat’s ‘Time 300’ fabric was stretched on a giant wooden loom held in place with straps. Photography: Mark Hartman

(Image credit: Mark Hartman)

‘Immaculate Care’

The ‘Immaculate Care’ case, by Matteo Thun & Partners and Ermenegildo Zegna. Photography: Máté Moro

(Image credit: Máté Moro)

‘Treasure Box’ by RDAI

The ‘Treasure Box’ by RDAI and Lanserring is perfect for holding small valuable items. Photography: William Bunce

(Image credit: William Bunce)

‘Dig Deep’ offertory bag

The ‘Dig Deep’ offertory bag by Jamie Fobert Architects and Studioart envelops the arm, becoming a seamless extension of the body. Photography: Máté Moro

(Image credit: Máté Moro)

five glass vessels

Sebastian Herkner, Lobmeyr and FOA create five glass vessels which are engraved with botanical drawings. Photography: Phillippe Fragnière

(Image credit: Phillippe Fragnière)

'Sustainable sarcophagus'

Tom Dixon and Paper factor's 'Sustainable sarcophagus' combines the afterlife aesthetic of Ancient Egypt and innovative paper-based materials. Photography: Leandro Farina

(Image credit: Leandro Farina)

geometric marble diffusers

Bloc Studios and Haeckel's series of geometric marble diffusers hold calming fragranced oils. Photography: Leandro Farina

(Image credit: Leandro Farina)


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