In the bag: Ikea announces collaborations with Hay and Tom Dixon

 Frakta bag and wrenches
Swedish furniture giant Ikea have revealed plans to work with Danish brand Hay, who will redesign their iconic Frakta bags - pictured left, and British designer Tom Dixon who will create a modern seating range using aluminium, pictured right
(Image credit: Courtesy of IKEA)

Change is afoot for Swedish furniture giant Ikea. Not only have they enlisted Danish design company Hay to redesign their iconic Frakta bags, but they have also partnered with British designer Tom Dixon to create their next collection of modern seating.

First and foremost though, the reinvention of the blue and yellow Frakta bags: Wallpaper* Power Listers Rolf and Mette Hay’s versatile version of holdalls will take a more ‘long-lasting’ approach. Gone will be the bold colours, replaced instead by forest green straps and a chequered white and green woven fabric.

Set to be released in 2017, the muted bags will accompany a ‘new collection for socialising in the living room.’ The line of furniture and accessories—including a chair, bench, table and desk lamp—will have ‘a classic Scandinavian feel, with light colours, high quality and clean design.’

Tom Dixon has also been revealed to be working with the furniture giant, creating a range that promises to ‘explore comfortable, modular, flexible and lightweight seating for the modern home.’

‘We are in the midst of a huge revolution in how people create, manufacture and consume,’ Tom Dixon said in a statement, revealing that he hopes his aluminium-framed sofa may overtake the brand’s best-selling Klippan sofa in popularity.

Both collaborations were made at Ikea’s Democratic Design Day in Sweden last week, the firm's annual conference where the Wallpaper* Design Award-winning collection by Ilse Crawford was announced last year. 


Hay’s new collaboration will include accessories, including lighting

(Image credit: Courtesy of IKEA)

chair and table

The collaboration will also include furniture such as a chair and table, designed in light colours

(Image credit: Courtesy of IKEA)

Sitting bench

Set to be released in 2017, the collection is created with the idea of ’socialising in the living room’ in mind

(Image credit: Courtesy of IKEA)

Man sitting on stair

British designer Tom Dixon, pictured with Marcus Engman, Ikea’s head of Design

(Image credit: Courtesy of IKEA)


Photography: Courtesy of IKEA