Ikea ‘Obegränsad’ tech-friendly furniture is pitched at home studio owners and designers

Swedish House Mafia, the electronic music collective, has applied its considerable experience to Ikea’s new furniture collection, ‘Obegränsad’, designed to create better spaces for creative home workers of all stripes

Ikea x Swedish House Mafia’s OBEGRÄNSAD furniture collection
(Image credit: Courtesy of Ikea)

‘Obegränsad’ is an Ikea furniture collection with a difference. Created in collaboration with Swedish House Mafia, the electronic music collective consisting of Axwell, Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso, it’s a series of furniture aimed at home studio owners, be they designers or musicians. 

IKEA Obegränsad furniture collection in home studio, designed with Swedish House Mafia

(Image credit: Courtesy of Ikea)

Obegränsad is Swedish for ‘unlimited’, and the collaboration taps into the country’s long cultural association with Ikea.

The Swedish House Mafia team highlight the role the furniture maker has played in the democratisation of good design throughout their lives. ‘We used to find a creative way to make Ikea furniture accommodate our teenage lives as creatives, so the collaboration’s purpose was formed around our own personal journey in life,' they say.

IKEA x Swedish House Mafia’s OBEGRÄNSAD turntable

(Image credit: Courtesy of Ikea)

The collection comprises 20 different products, ranging from the ‘Obegränsad’ record player (Ikea’s first turntable since the 1970s), a USB-powered minimal black rectangle with an intersection circular platter, to a series of three LED lamps, and a clock. 

IKEA desk with shelf

(Image credit: Courtesy of Ikea)

There is also a set of all-important stands, capable of holding laptops, tablets, and speakers, as well as places to stack records for easy access.

There’s a home office desk, a chair, two different kinds of shelving units – derived from Ikea’s best-selling ‘Kallax‘ with an added spot for amplifiers – and a bunch of matching accessories. These run to rugs, bags, and even cushion covers, for ultimate Ikea catalogue-aping.

IKEA Obegränsad armchair close-up

(Image credit: Courtesy of Ikea)

‘Hopefully, our collection inspires and enables more people to be more creative within their home, and it does not have to be restricted to only music making. It can be so much more,’ says Swedish House Mafia.

The slick black aesthetic is far removed from Ikea’s more familiar wood veneer, and the fact the collection embraces everything from throws to turntables, clocks, and lights, illustrates Ikea’s mighty, all-encompassing range.



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