Seeing as the average person spends over a year and a half of their life in the bathroom, the latest Roca International Design Competition - Jump The Gap – is an event of which we should all take note.

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Hosted by Spanish bathroom-design company Roca, the competition – now in its third year – calls on the talents of designers from across the globe to turn their hand to creating the ultimate bathroom of the future.
This year saw over 382 participants from 54 countries scramble their way into the long-list from over 2,700 applicants, and as such, the quality was second to none. With a judging panel headed by architect and designer John Pawson along with Roca Director Chantal Hamaide and Roca Design Centre Director Josep Congost to name but a few - the standard was high, and the competition was fierce.
With seven finalists chosen from across the globe, the winning entry was announced just in time for the London Design Festival last month. Designed by Chinese creative, Li Xi, the ‘Breathing Bathtub’ was hailed by Pawson and his panel for the ‘environmental intelligence of its design’.
With its space-age looks and pioneering technology, the tub has been designed by Xi to both enhance the bathing experience and significantly improve the efficiency of water consumption.
Lined with a material not dissimilar to sponge, the bath moulds to the shape of the bather – which, while ensuring maximum comfort also means that much less water is wasted in the process. Not only that, the spongy layer is also designed to filter the water to remove impurities and a whole host of hidden nasties.
Intuitive, attractive and contemporaneous to a tee, the super-sustainable ‘Breathing Bathtub’ may not provide a solution to all the world’s ecological needs – but it’s certainly a start.