You’ll no doubt have seen we reported a while back on part 2 of this year’s RCA’s MA degree show in London, highlighting Sam Hecht, Andre Klauser and Durrell Bishop’s Platform 12 as the one to watch. Hecht has gone one step further in his quest to promote the work of his students and commissioned photographer Angela Moore to photograph the products in the ceramics workshop of the RCA. Hecht has given us the photographs and we in turn asked each of the students to tell us about their work.

Platform 12

See Moore’s photographs and read what the graduates have to say about their work
Speaking of his Platform’s mission, Hecht says: “The ambition of Platform 12 is to examine the reintegration of design and function, where intelligence is not invested in effect, but in a conceptual logic that offers new kinds of performance and functionality. The focus is on the landscape of functions that surround us, whose worlds require more than ever the attention of thought and application.”