Aside from traveling the world shooting for everyone from Yamamoto to McQueen to Wallpaper* (Knight shot our fashion story for the June sex issue); and being an all round creative deity, Nick Knight is also the brains behind SHOWstudio - the pioneering fashion website launched back in 2000. This month, SHOWstudio adds another string to its already sizable bow, with the SHOWstudio Shop.
Situated in the heart of Mayfair, the Shop, which opens today, is part interactive studio, part gallery, offering an entirely original retail experience.
True to form, Knight has curated the entire project, picking the most interesting and visually stunning props from seminal shows and shoots past, to go on display and up for sale. Pieces include a Taxidermied tiger created for the 2010 McQueen PUMA campaign for £50,000 and a large $ sign fitted with 178 lightbulbs created for a 2003 W magazine editorial shoot, yours for £7,500. Other seminal pieces up for grabs includes work from top stylists and designers he has worked with, including Simon Foxton, Katy England, Michael Howells, Jane How, Gideon Ponte and Simon Costin.
As for the ’interactive studio’ addition, the Shop will also contain a Live Studio space where some of the world’s greatest designers will be creating unique pieces in front of webcams. The Shop will then sell these finished pieces to either real shoppers or the online SHOWstudio audience.
At at time when more and more creative outlets are loosing their real spaces in favour of going purely online, it’s good to see the SHOWstudio shop going against the tide. And with a history of collaborations with people including John Galliano, Comme des Garçons and Gareth Pugh, the SHOWstudio Shop should ultimately facilitate even more ambitious collaborative projects in the future.