In an era defined by digital development and unconventional creativity, the age-old craft of glass blowing may seem a little outmoded to some - but for one downtown New-York creative, NYC-based designer and artist Jeff Zimmerman, the pastime has never been more appealing.
Taking residence in New York City’s trendy, Tribeca-based R 20th Century Gallery, Zimmerman's latest exhibition ‘Drawings in Glass’ features a range of his off-kilter pieces, scattered like a veritable glasswork constellation across the space.
Inspired by patterns in nature, the pieces take their cue from branches, petals and waves – and, despite the less than weighty thematic influence, Zimmerman’s work deftly pushes the boundaries of the craft-based tradition.
Featuring a range of bulbous hanging sculptures; organic, snaking glass candlesticks; crumpled, incidental vases and scaly petal-esque chandeliers - the exhibition both subverts and embraces traditional glassblowing methods,
Described by Zimmerman as a series of ‘controlled accidents’ the work on show is a direct response to the artist’s irreverent treatment of this somewhat unstable material. Dripped, melted, exploded and cracked - it is the idiosyncrasies of each piece that mark out Zimmerman’s wholly unique artistic approach.