Fresh print: Wallpaper*, HP and Spin create unique posters for 20th anniversary issue

Fresh print: Wallpaper*, HP and Spin create unique posters for 20th anniversary issue

In a rather special union of form and function, Wallpaper* has teamed up with HP and Spin to reinvent digital poster production and create the ultimate collector’s item in honour of our 20th anniversary.

’We wanted to create something special and unique that would impact each of our readers on a personal level,’ explains Wallpaper* creative director Sarah Douglas. ’The idea to collaborate with HP Mosaic for this project came from a brainstorm with FE Burman, who has been our printing partner for many years now. As soon as they presented us with the Mosaic concept and its extraordinary possibilities we connected with it.’ 

Charting two decades of design innovation, the Spin-designed, HP Indigo-produced poster ticks all the right boxes: an interesting and informative piece of editorial from Wallpaper*, graphically designed by studio Spin, made unique and collectable by HP SmartStream Mosaic technology.  

’The beauty of HP Mosaic software,’ says Paul Regan, FE Burman’s digital print director, ’is the ability to take creative artwork and from that produce millions of individual interpretations.’ The approach thus allowed for 220,000 individual commemorative prints to be created for the October issue, reaching 93 countries across the globe.

Renowned graphic design studio Spin, headed by Power-Lister Tony Brook, created 12 original variants of the same design, changing the gradations in the the background and infusing numbers with typographical expression to get the most out of the HP Mosaic technology. ’What really impressed us was the quality of the print,’ says Brook, ’and the way each poster had its own character.’

Aside from the intensity of the colours and the breath of possibilities, it was the way in which HP Mosaic pushes the boundaries of digital printing that most impressed the Wallpaper* team. ’It has inspired us to totally re-think our attitude and approach to print technology and the printing process. Certainly, in terms of creating unique content, I think this is just the start,’ explains Douglas.

’It just goes to show how print can be continually reinvented to be ever more relevant and exciting,’ adds François Martin, HP’s global head of marketing and graphics solutions business. ’The magazine created a high-value print experience that connects emotionally and aesthetically with discerning readers, offering them something beautiful and completely unique.’

Digital may well be the future, but there are still new, unprecedented possibilities in print – which we think is a perfect way to mark 20 years of an outstanding magazine.

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