Much like his centenarian countryman Oscar Niemeyer, 82 year-old furniture designer Sergio Rodrigues is proof-positive that true Brazilians have staying power. Now backed by the ambitious young Rio-based manufacturing duo Mendes-Hirth, Rodriguez is reissuing some of his most influential designs.
First up is a series of four Rodrigues lamps, mostly from the 1960s and gently updated for the 21st century. Originally crafted from scarlet Jacaranda - a now-endangered tropical rosewood - the lamps are today made from far more sustainable Peroba do Campo and Goncalo Alves; rich, reddish hardwoods akin to teak.
A more substantial reissue is the Aspas chair from 1962, also originally crafted from rosy jacaranda (along with rich dark leather), reborn as the Chifruda. Only a single Aspas was produced and just 40 new Chifrudas will be produced, this time in freijo, another Brazilian hardwood, each numbered by Rodrigues. The Chifruda Chair and new lamp collection are exclusively available at US Brazilian design specialist Espasso.