’LA is brand new. Beyond the modernist architecture, there are no traditions to adhere to,’ explains David Cruz. Blackman Cruz is the city’s specialist design emporium, where you head for distinctive alternatives to contemporary minimalism.
The closest they get to recognisable Modernism is the Seagull chair and ottoman by Fritz Hansen, limited to twelve pieces in 1968. Or a glass-topped table by Pierre Cardin. Unique designs by Jako Johnson and Don Shoemaker are complemented by their own product line, BC Workshop. The overall look is obscure and discreetly subversive for such a sun-drenched city.
Adam Blackman’s origins in auction, coupled with Cruz’s background in illustration and art direction, has engendered a strong following for those looking for the unusual. ’Our clients have extravagant tastes and appreciate the difference we bring,’ says Blackman. Having moved into larger premises last year – a heavily gothic gay bar featured in American Gigolo – the duo are preparing to introduce London interiors specialist Clarke & Reilly into a dedicated area this December.