Schiffini may have launched its new concept kitchen at the Milan Furniture Fair, but with so many details and special touches we for one felt this gorgeous creation needed going over one more time. And this time the designer, Alfredo H&#228berli, was there in person to show us round.

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H&#228berli grew up in the hotel kitchens of his grandfathers establishment in Buenos Aires, and it is these memories that he says he wants to recreate for this concept: ‘The kitchen as the soul of the home.’ ‘This is the opposite to the perfect kitchen,’ he says, ‘it should be much more like a workstation – I am thinking about how it functions and the tools that are needed.’
It makes for a refreshing change: in contrast to the aseptic, ultra-shiny kitchens that have become the norm (especially in Italy) of late, Schiffini’s new concept is like a carpenter’s workshop for food. Häberli, speaking somewhat conspiratorially, explains that he wants this kitchen to get messy.
It is strange that it is so rare for a kitchen designer to be inspired by food, but H&#228berli refers to it constantly during our tour: the markets of Zurich feature especially. Further influences were the wooden benches of a London pub and the water towers of New York. ‘The kitchen should be all about the smells, sounds, and textures, so I have tried to use materials that will develop a patina, and that are warm and evocative.’
The ‘Soul of the Home’ kitchen is a real foodie’s heaven, and the concept is now being refined for a real-life version that Schiffini plans to launch in Milan in 2009.