Loewe Earth is your new go-to autumn perfume

Loewe Earth, the latest edition to the brand's Botanical Rainbow range, is a truffle-infused fragrance suited to the transition into colder months

Loewe Earth perfume
(Image credit: Courtesy of Loewe)

Loewe has always had a nose for the offbeat botanical. Its Loewe home fragrance collection is a case in point, with luxury candles and diffusers that come in the Pea, Marijuana, Coriander, and other fragrances that, as creative director Jonathan Anderson told us back in 2020,  are ‘part Victorian botanical garden [and] part apothecary, the mix is both scientific and sentimental’. 

The ethos extends to the brand’s Botanical Rainbow perfumes, an extensive collection of almost 30 fragrances that range from the delicate musk and peony of 001 to the rich red pepper berries and basil blend of Esencia EDP. 

Bottle of Loewe perfume next to twig and roots

Loewe Earth.

(Image credit: Courtesy of Loewe)

The latest addition to the range, Loewe Earth, is one of the brand’s most intriguing fragrances yet. It blends truffle, pear, elemi, mimosa and violet to create an earthy scent that is lightened by the soft, almost powdery, notes of its florals. 

'I was inspired by the fungi kingdom,’ explains the brand’s head perfumer, Núria Cruelles. 'Following this idea I chose to work in particular with truffle, the perfect and precious ingredient to give the new perfume its own personality. Its aroma makes you deep dive into nature and drives you to the purest concept of earth.’ 

As with all of the Botanical Rainbow fragrances, Cruelles encourages the blending of Earth with other perfumes in the range. 'Earth has its strong identity inside the Botanical Rainbow collection and combines perfectly with other fragrances such as Solo Ella and Esencia EDP,’ she says.

Perfume bottles from above

Earth alongside other perfumes in the Botanical Rainbow range.

(Image credit: Courtesy of Loewe)

'If you wear the three fragrances simultaneously in different hot spots you get an incredible olfactory harmony. We develop our fragrances under the umbrella of the same collection, enhancing the interconnections between the different perfumes of our portfolio. Earth is an excellent example that this link is possible and grants unexpected olfactory results.’ 

Whether worn alone or paired with other scents, Loewe Earth’s mix of vegetal headiness and fresh florals makes it an ideal transition fragrance as we move into the colder months. 



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