Tyler Mitchell photographs Loewe’s new Botanical Rainbow

Loewe celebrates its latest fragrance project with Ikebana inspired images by Tyler Mitchell 

Latest fragrance project with Ikebana inspired images.
(Image credit: Tyler Mitchell)

Loewe has collaborated with photographer Tyler Mitchell to celebrate the launch of its new fragrance project, Botanical Rainbow.

The collection sees Loewe’s classic rectangular fragrance bottles reimagined in a technicolour colour scheme, with a different hue applied to each of the 28 different botanically-inspired scents.

Placed next to each other, the Fragrance bottles

(Image credit: Tyler Mitchell)

When they are placed next to each other, the bottles create a rainbow that ranges from strawberry red to emerald green, sunshine yellow and more before finishing off in an off-white tone. 

Nature is a reoccurring influence for Loewe – see the pansy covered pieces in the Joe Brainard inspired A/W 2021 collection for a recent example – particularly when it comes to their fragrances. Last year, the brand debuted its first home fragrance range with scents influenced by creative director Jonathan Anderson’s own vegetable garden. 

Perfume bottles alongside in table.

(Image credit: Tyler Mitchell)

To celebrate this new chapter of Loewe fragrance, the brand has once again collaborated with celebrated photographer Tyler Mitchell. Mitchell’s still life images are suffused with a painterly light that lends an almost dream-like quality to their depiction of perfume bottles alongside Ikebana floral arrangements. 

As always, Loewe’s visual references are carefully considered and the inclusion of Ikebana, the Japanese art of floral arranging, highlights the project’s celebration of nature.

Sweet-smelling fragrances.

(Image credit: Tyler Mitchell)

I have always found the idea of senses being used as a stimulus to healing very interesting,’ Anderson told Wallpaper* last year, ahead of the home fragrance launch. ‘There’s always been this thing with nature, that we draw on what we have around us, we associate smells to different things, it’s very personal.’

In a time when we could all perhaps use a bit of healing, Loewe’s sweet-smelling fragrances offer some olfactory escapism and their rainbow bottles a light-hearted bit of visual relief. 

Celebrate this new chapter of Loewe fragrance.

(Image credit: Tyler Mitchell)



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