Smoke out the best cannabis candles and marijuana-inspired home fragrances

Light up (a candle) and enjoy the smell of cannabis with these marijuana-inspired scents

Loewe home scents campaign image for Scent of Marihuana.
Loewe home scents campaign image for Scent of Marihuana.
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Cannabis was once something you might hide the smell of with perfume, but now a number of home fragrance and perfume brands are challenging the norm and celebrating the scent of marijuana with their latest creations. From luxury houses such as Loewe to niche brands like Heretic Parfum, we smoke out the best cannabis-inspired fragrances. 

Scent of Marihuana by Loewe

loewe home fragrances cannabis candles

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Lean back and light up a cannabis candle courtesy of Loewe. The Spanish brand’s creative director Jonathan Anderson has a penchant for infusing high-end design with a playful sense of humour, and that sensibility is certainly evident in the Scent of Marihuana candles. 

Loewe's subtle, fresh take on marijuana is one of 11 plant-inspired scents in the brand's home fragrance collection. For more on the inspiration behind the collection, read our interview with Anderson

Dirty Grass by Heretic Parfum

heretic parfums dirty grass cannabis perfume

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Each bottle of Heretic Parfum’s Dirty Grass is filled with 500mg of hemp-derived CBD oil, making for a particularly potent cannabis flavour. The rich herby character of hemp is tempered with the zing of violet leaf and fresh lemon, making for a crisp fragrance. 

Dirty Grass will make you feel good and not only because it's infused with CBD. All Heretic Parfum scents are free from synthetics, vegan, and cruelty-free. They are also blended with non-GMO organic sugarcane alcohol rather than the industry-standard denatured alcohol.

Stunned by Bel Rebel

bel rebel's stunned cannabis perfume in green bottle

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Bel Rebel's latest fragrance, Stunned, is a gourmand take on cannabis. It is both sickly sweet and deeply earthy; think cannabis if it was turned into a syrup or whipped up into candyfloss. The combination makes for a peculiar fragrance best suited to more experimental noses. 

Cannabis Supercandle by Malin + Goetz

Malin + Goetz cannabis candle

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Malin + Goetz's Cannabis candle is just as intoxicating as its namesake. A heady mixture of cannabis accord, bergamot, cedarwood, and patchouli, the scent is more smoky than earthy and makes your space smell more like a luxury hotel room than a college dorm. 
Should you decide you want a whiff, we recommend going for the brand's Cannabis Supercandle, an outsized version of the original, with 180 hours of burn time. 

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