Wellness brand Anatomé is inviting you to open your eyes to the power of shut-eye with a new exhibit on sleep at their Chiltern Street store.

Best known for its therapeutic oils and dietary supplements, Anatomé was established by Murdoch barbers founder Brendan Murdock with the belief that nutritional and emotional wellbeing is the foundation of a balanced life. 

Opening this week, Anatomé’s sleep exhibit explores how sleep health can be improved by ‘aromachology’, or the study of odours influence on human emotions and behaviors. The showcase utilises the brand’s own aromatherapy blends as the organisational principle of the show, examining how the chemical compounds of different scents can affect the brain and, consequently, offer different remedies for sleep problems. 

The aromas on display include lavender, which kickstarts sleep with its high concentration of neurotransmitter-restricting compounds for a sedative-like effect. Seaweed, which contains micronutrients proven to decrease sleep latency, or the time it takes you to fall asleep after going to bed. And chamomile, which contains phytochemicals that bind to brain receptors linked to GABA, a neurotransmitter that helps the brain achieve full sleep cycles.

Grounded in scientific fact that is as easily digestible as one of Anatomé’s supplements, the sleep exhibit is ideal for anyone interested in the effects of aromatherapy and nutrition of mental wellbeing.

To learn about the connection between scent and sleep, visit the Anatomé exhibit on until the end of this month at the brand’s new Chiltern Street location. §