If you thought that folklore was as un-cool as tea-cosies and warm ale, then Simon Costin, the man behind the Museum of British Folklore, might just change your mind. For the moment, the museum is no more than a 1976 Castleton caravan hooked up to the back of his brother’s car.

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A changing range of exhibits reflecting 700 folk celebrations include photographs, costumes, and an eerie replica of the Dorset Osser horned man mask. When not hauling the museum around Britain’s folk festivals, Costin is a successful art director and set designer who works with the likes of Alexander McQueen, Givenchy, Hermes and Gareth Pugh.
Costin aims to: ’change and expand the viewer’s awareness and appreciation of their British heritage.’ Next stop for Costin is a permanent home for his museum that celebrates the diversity and richness of all things British.