Opening this month at Oakland’s Johansson Projects, 'Article X' is a joint exhibition by Canadian photographer, David Trautrimas and up-and-coming American sculptor, Kristina Lewis.
Known for transforming everyday objects and trash into art, both Trautrimas and Lewis take an alchemic approach to their respective practices.
Taking his cue from a host of household detritus - including refrigerator elements, oil cans and discarded coffee pots - Trautrimas digitally re-imagines his objects into barren photographic landscapes.
Similarly, Lewis’s series of skeletally inspired sculptures start life as stilettos, zips and wired-up light switches. But then, by exposing the ripped seams and flayed skins of, say, a simple pair of shoes, Lewis transforms the banal into relics of an imagined past.
Intertwining the work of both artists - and offsetting the differences that lie between the two – 'Article X' offers an interesting take on the recycling trend.