One of our favourite exhibitions at Arles this year is French-born, NY-based photographer Jean-Christian Bourcart, whose series of cast-off wedding photos, The Most Beautiful Day Of Life, paints a thoroughly human portrait of wedding-day bliss - a de-glamourised, suburban counterpoint to the lavish spreads of glossy bridal magazines.
 Jean-Christian Bourcart
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Bourcart moved to Paris at 17 and made a living (and his first foray into professional work) as a wedding photographer, inadvertently accumulating a stockpile of thousands of unsold images, gradually creating an expanding album of private memories as public art.
The awkward participants are like strange actors amid stiff backdrops of choreographed love - Diane Arbus-esque anomalies of the marital world. Something about each shot feels a little off, demanding closer attention. Nothing is inherently wrong, just flawed, perhaps, but then all the more human for it. And it is the humanity, more than the hesitant smiles, cheap gowns or bizarre choreography, which ultimately captivates.