Above is Mike Dempsey’s contribution to the project, below is what he wrote in his accompanying letter.
Dear Art Director, Wallpaper*
I am unsure if you were aware of my work with the Helen Bamber Foundation or if your request for me to produce a card for this project was a pure fluke?
When I read the brief my first inclination was to say no because the whole issue of prostitution rings a different bell for me.
For the past three years I have volunteered my time to the HBF in order to help them create a greater awareness of the plight of trafficked women in the sex industry. A very high proportion of all prostitutes in the UK have been trafficked. They don’t have a voice, they are here illegally and are forced to pay back ridiculous sums of money to their traffickers. If they attempt to escape – well, I won’t go in to details but believe me it is horrendous.
So you see, what seems to be a lighted and even frivolous brief on the surface is actually a horrid world of fear, rape and violence. It is a topic that I can’t approach lightly.
So with all that preamble I enclose my contribution for this project. It is uncompromising and I’m sure will not fit comfortably with all the typographical wit that no doubt both you and St Brides were hoping for, but I do hope you will feature it to help give a voice to the many women enslaved in this sinister world.
Mike Dempsey