House B in São Paulo invites the great outdoors inside

House B in São Paulo invites the great outdoors inside

This house, located in the city of São Paulo, takes advantage of its privileged condition and makes the integration with the nature its distinctive trace. All its spaces keep a clear relationship with the 1,500 sq m park in which they are inserted.

In the ground floor, the social spaces are located under the shade of the upper volume of the house, connected to the gardens through a terrace and the glass sliding doors - that can be collected, creating an opening of 14 m width. The upper volume, conceived as a translucent box shelters the rooms and other spaces that require greater privacy.

The structure of the glass volume was conceived in such way that it seems to float on the garden, supported from the central pillar of reinforced concrete, that also shelters the stairs of access to the upper floor. The connection between the horizontal plans and this pillar of sustentation is strengthened by the creation of voids around the box of concrete, which are also used to bring natural light from the cover to the interior of the house.

All the upper volume is closed with a silkscreen-printed glass skin that works as a filter of light and sunshade. The print that composes the silkscreen works as a reverberation of the image of the park in the surface of the house, strengthening the interdependence between the architectural object and nature.

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